If you’re planning on gifting a trip this holiday, here are some great stocking stuffer ideas to complement your amazing gift! Also, perfect ideas for someone who loves to travel – it’s a practical gift sure to be used and appreciated!

  1. Travel-sized Toiletries: Mini toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and toothpaste are perfect for travelers who want to save space in their luggage.
  2. Travel Adapter: A universal travel adapter that fits multiple plug types can be a lifesaver for someone visiting different countries.
  3. Portable Charger: A compact and high-capacity power bank is essential for keeping devices charged on the go.
  4. Travel-sized First Aid Kit: A small first aid kit with essentials like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers can come in handy during unexpected situations.
  5. Luggage Tags: Personalized luggage tags are both practical and make for a thoughtful gift.
  6. Travel Journal: A small, travel-themed notebook for jotting down memories, itineraries, and thoughts during their trips.
  7. Travel-sized Board Games or Playing Cards: Compact games like travel-sized chess, cards, or magnetic board games provide entertainment on the road.
  8. Reusable Water Bottle: A collapsible or compact water bottle is eco-friendly and helps travelers stay hydrated.
  9. Travel-sized Laundry Kit: Stain removers, laundry soap sheets, and a small clothesline can be useful for doing laundry on the go.
  10. Packing Cubes: Organizational packing cubes can help keep luggage tidy and make unpacking easier.
  11. Foldable Travel Backpack: A lightweight, foldable backpack is handy for day trips or carrying souvenirs.
  12. Travel-themed Keychain: Choose a keychain featuring landmarks or destinations they’ve visited or dream of visiting.
  13. Noise-cancelling Earplugs: Help them get some quality rest on planes or in noisy accommodations with comfortable earplugs.
  14. Travel Wallet: A compact, RFID-blocking wallet with slots for cards, passport, and cash for organized and secure travels.
  15. Multi-tool or Swiss Army Knife: A pocket-sized multi-tool with various functions, including a bottle opener, knife, and more.
  16. Mini Flashlight: A small and powerful flashlight can be a handy tool for exploring unfamiliar places.
  17. Ziplock Bags: A few sturdy, resealable bags for organizing small items, keeping electronics dry, or separating dirty laundry.
  18. Travel-related Ornaments: Collectible travel-themed Christmas ornaments can be a festive reminder of their adventures.
  19. A business card from your favorite Enchanted Destinations travel agent. Let us know if you need one – we are happy to share!

Remember, the best stocking stuffers are thoughtful and practical, enhancing the travel experience for your loved one. Tailor your choices to their specific interests and preferences to make their holidays even more special.