If you’re facing a houseful of guests for the holidays (a la ‘Griswold’), consider beginning the planning process for next year while everyone is visiting. Planning a vacation for a large family requires considering diverse interests and accommodating varying preferences. Here are some vacation options that cater well to large families:

Beach Resorts:

Why: Beach resorts often offer a wide range of activities and amenities suitable for all ages. They typically have pools, water sports, kids’ clubs, and various dining options. Large families can enjoy the sun, sand, and relaxation, while also having the flexibility to engage in different activities.

Cruise Vacations:

Why: Cruises are an excellent option for large families because they provide a variety of onboard activities and entertainment. Many cruise lines have programs for different age groups, ensuring that both kids and adults have a great time. Cruises also allow for easy travel between destinations without the hassle of packing and unpacking.

National Parks:

Why: National parks offer a mix of outdoor adventure and natural beauty. With numerous hiking trails, wildlife spotting, and educational programs, they cater to various interests. Accommodation within or near the parks can range from camping to lodges, providing options for different preferences and budget considerations.

All-Inclusive Resorts:

Why: All-inclusive resorts simplify the planning process, as most expenses are covered upfront. They often have multiple dining options, entertainment, and activities suitable for various age groups. Some resorts even have kids’ clubs, ensuring that children are entertained and supervised while parents enjoy some relaxation.

City Escapes:

Why: Choose a family-friendly city with a mix of cultural attractions, parks, and entertainment options. Cities like Orlando (for theme parks), New York City (for Broadway shows and museums), or London (for historical sites and family-friendly attractions) can cater to the diverse interests of a large family.

When planning, ensure that accommodations can comfortably house your entire family, and consider activities that suit different age groups. Flexibility in the itinerary is also key, allowing family members to participate in activities they find most appealing. At Enchanted Destinations, our team of travel specialists can help with all of the fine details and make planning a breeze so you can truly relax and enjoy your holiday (…at least next year)!