Planning a Caribbean getaway can overwhelm you – with so many resorts and decisions to make. Two of the most popular resort brands are Sandals and Beaches, both promising luxurious experiences in tropical paradises. But there are some key differences between Sandals and Beaches resorts to help you decide which one suits your vacation preferences best. Our travel advisors work directly with Sandals and Beaches to make sure that we know all of the best deals for our customers! Sandals vs. Beaches Resorts: What’s the Difference? Let’s take a look!


Who Are You Traveling With?

Sandals resorts primarily cater to couples and adults seeking a romantic retreat or honeymoon destination.

Beaches resorts aim at families and multi-generational travelers, offering activities and amenities suitable for all ages.


What Vibe Are You Looking For?

Sandals is known for its romantic ambiance, providing an adults-only environment with tranquil settings ideal for couples looking for relaxation and intimacy.

Beaches offers a family-friendly atmosphere, featuring lively and vibrant surroundings with activities and entertainment geared towards children and families.


What Type of Accommodations Would You Like to Stay In?

At Sandals you’ll experience luxurious accommodations tailored for couples, including lavish suites, romantic over-the-water bungalows, and private villas with butler service.

Beaches has spacious and family-friendly accommodations such as suites and connecting rooms, along with themed suites for kids featuring beloved characters (like Sesame Street).


What Kinds Of Activities and Entertainment Do You Enjoy?

Sandals is focused on activities designed for couples, including water sports, scuba diving, golf, spa treatments, and romantic dinners by the beach.

Beaches offers extensive amenities suitable for families, such as water parks, kids’ clubs, snorkeling, paddleboarding, beach volleyball, live entertainment, and family-friendly excursions.


What Kind of Dining Options Are Offered?

At Sandals, you’ll find gourmet dining experiences with a focus on ambiance and fine cuisine, including a variety of specialty restaurants and premium liquor options.

Beaches caters to families with diverse dining options, including buffet-style dining, themed restaurants, casual eateries, and kid-friendly menus with familiar favorites.


Is the Price Point Different?

Sandals is typically positioned as a premium resort brand, with higher rates reflecting its luxurious accommodations, amenities, and exclusive adults-only experience. If you’re celebrating a wedding or anniversary make sure to let your travel advisor know this for a special surprise!

Beaches offers competitive pricing with inclusive packages suitable for families, including accommodations, meals, beverages, activities, and entertainment, making it a value-oriented choice for multi-generational travelers.


Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape for two or a fun-filled family vacation, both Sandals and Beaches resorts offer exceptional experiences tailored to different preferences and travel styles. By considering factors such as atmosphere, accommodations, activities, dining options, and pricing, our travel advisors will actively help you make an informed decision to ensure an unforgettable Caribbean getaway that meets your needs and expectations.