Spring break is a popular time for college students to take a break from their studies and enjoy some relaxation and fun. The ideal destination often depends on individual preferences, but here are some top spring break destinations to consider with your favorite college kid!

Cancun, Mexico:

Why: Cancun is renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and a wide range of resorts that cater to a younger crowd. It’s a classic spring break destination with plenty of beach parties, water activities, and lively clubs.

South Padre Island, Texas:

Why: South Padre Island attracts college students with its warm weather, affordable accommodations, and a party atmosphere. The destination is known for its beachfront events, music festivals, and water sports.

Miami Beach, Florida:

Why: Miami Beach is famous for its glamorous beaches, trendy nightlife, and diverse cultural scene. College students flock to South Beach for its lively atmosphere, beach parties, and iconic Art Deco architecture.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic:

Why: Punta Cana offers a tropical paradise with white-sand beaches and turquoise waters. Many all-inclusive resorts cater to budget-conscious students, providing an ideal setting for relaxation and fun.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:

Why: Cabo San Lucas combines beautiful beaches with a vibrant nightlife scene. It’s a favorite among college students for its energetic atmosphere, water-based activities, and lively beach parties.


Why: The Bahamas offer a tropical escape with crystal-clear waters and a relaxed island vibe. Nassau and Paradise Island are popular among college students, offering a mix of beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife.

When planning a spring break trip, it’s important for students to prioritize safety and be mindful of local regulations. Additionally, early planning can help secure affordable accommodations and transportation options. Let your college student focus on their studies and our travel specialists can help them to plan the perfect spring break! We focus on the little details and ensure that their trip go as smoothly as possible!